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Pressure: Normal pressure at 0.13 kg/cm2- 0.20 kg/cm2
Airflow Volume: Normal Airflow 48 liter./min up to 420 liter /min

Streamlined and stylish appearance; modularized internal components, make the product a good seeing and compact work piece. The modular components are good for maintenance. Its twin compressors generates much stronger output than equivalent products.

Unique structure and high quality materials, guarantee long lasting smooth motions of all mechanism, long durability and smooth air output can be assured.

Linear motion is utilized to reduce power consumption. Our unique design for electro-magnet coil can improve the performance of the coil and achieve high power factor.

Coil utilize thermos protection device and abnormal motion detection device; which make sure of safe operation.

Spectrum Analysis Technology is adopted for mechanism design, noise level is efficiently controlled. It’s an ergonomic product.

Electro-magnet Linear Motor provide the lubricant free linear motion. Modularized design makes the pump can be easily maintained.


  • Blood Cuff Monitoring Machine.
  • Air supply for Waste Water Treatment system.
  • Environment Monitoring and Air Sampling device.
  • Oxygen supply for Medical Instruments.
  • Liquid Agitation and Mixing.
  • Hospital Air Mattresses.
  • Pneumatic Massage Equipment.
  • Ozonizer equipment.
  • Medical Nebulizer.
  • Air supply for Leak Test Equipment.
  • Solder Removal equipment.
  • Automotive Emission Test Equipment.
  • Leak Test Equipment.
  • Scientific and Medical Analysis Equipment.


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