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Roots Blower was improved by raising the intensity, it helps preventing cent rotor and axis deviation from external influences. The rotor uses the most advanced one time work process Four-Shaft method in order to reduce man-made errors, enhance the precision of the leave wheel and promote the blower efficiently.

The air compartment and the side cover of the blower have a flange and groove rim, which can not only strengthen the blower’s operational functions but also prevent eccentric phenomenal resulting from the fastening of the stud, which may shorten the life of the blower.

Besides, noise and vibration reduction are the main emphasis in developing the new series of roots blower. Our Roots Blower rotor concept was adopted based on its flow characteristic which is very stable and even compared to the 2 lobes type, also coupled with the fact that it shows a considerable reduction of both noise and vibration. The extent of reduction can even allow the smaller unit to operate without the need of a silencer. And thanks to the unique design with quality components and appropriate clearance between the rotors, no lubrication is necessary. The synchronous gear drive system and the shaft bearings are the only parts which require lubrication. Separate lateral chambers are designed to house these moving parts with proper seals to prevent oil leakage to the main chamber.

Furthermore, computerized CNC machines are used to produce components and parts of high quality and precision, also saves the user both time and labor during maintenance and replacement.


  • Air Extraction
  • Powder & grain Conveyance
  • Incinerator Air Supply
  • Air Supply Source for Ozone Producer
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Septic Tank Air supply
  • Aeration for Aquaculture
  • Paper Feeding in printing industry
  • Filter Backwash system
  • Air dehydration
  • Air Extraction
  • Powder & grain Conveyance
  • Vacuum Drying
  • Dehydration for Paper machinery
  • Paper holding for printing industry
  • Vacuum suction
  • Central dust collection system
  • Sewing Industry (vacuum type)
  • Vacuum Milking system.


Bore Size: Diameter 40mm to 300 mm (1 1/2″ ~ 12″)
Flow Rate: 0.36m3/min ~ 165.00m3/min (12.5 ~ 5,700.00 CFM)
Static Pressure: Maximum achievable
Axial Power Consumption: 0.5 -250 KW
Delivers completely oil-free air.
Low oscillation and low noise by complete balancing.
Small variation in air volume against pressure variation.
Superior energy efficiency due to special lobe profile.
Simple structure keeps free from trouble.
High quality alloy steel gears are adopted. Precisely ground and hardened, which make smooth running and low noise. Long durability is guaranteed.

4 pieces (in models bigger than 200, 6 pieces) of needle bearings are used to support rotors. Which can reduce friction noise, vibration, and increase service time.

Rotors are formed and profiled by CNC double column shaper, 4-axes machining in one process guaranty the rotors profile to be uniformed and in high precision.
Non-contact labyrinth seals are designed to reduce friction and heat generation, piston rings are set inside to make perfect seal for the air chamber.


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