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It can be used for the pest control of crops, and epidemic prevention of livestock farms and various storage warehouses etc, and also applied to the disinfection and epidemic prevention for improving the urban environment. Such as:

  1. Pest control of various orchards and fruits.
  2. Pest control of farms and gardens.
  3. Pest control in greenhouse.
  4. Disinfection treatment of all kinds of poultry and livestock breeding places.
  5. Pest control of flowers and trees in city gardens and family gardens.
  6. The insecticidal sterilization and disinfection treatment in the cellar, air-raid shelter, waste transfer station, warehouse and other places.
  7. The disinfection processing in automobiles, train carriages, passenger-cargo ship cabins, hospitals, restaurants, hotels and other places.


  1. Adopt the most effective way of gasification(Coil double gasification)
  2. Simple instant ignition mode
  3. Combustion chamber is made by special stainless steel, durable in use.
  4. By means of the gasification, it increases the insecticidal effect and epidemic prevention range.
  5. It strengthens the security by adopting the safety valve device.
  6. No noise, safe, convenient and efficient. It can use up all the residual liquid in medicine tank.
  7. To produce fog by the hot wire ring nozzle, achieving the utmost disinfection effect.
  8. Light weight, convenient, economic and practical.
  9. Equipped with washing bottle, it is easy to clean the medicine tube after use, avoiding blocking and prolonging the service life.

The fogging machine can make the medicine atomized, diffused, and spread to all the levels and corners for all-round sterilization and disinfection, no dead angle, to which the traditional liquid machines are incomparable.

With the characteristics of high efficiency, saving chemical dosage, good infusibility, strong adhesion and convenient operation, it is widely used in the insecticidal, disinfectant, and epidemic prevention fields, largely reducing the prevention costs and improving the medicine efficiency.


  1. Wear protective equipment before operation.
  2. No inflammable and explosive hidden trouble in operation places.
  3. Away from food, keep out of reach of children.
  4. Please don’t leave without authorization after igniting.
  5. Please keep the combustion tube horizontal with ground.
  6. Don’t spray fog at the crowd.
  7. Smoke outlet temperature is very high, keep away!
  8. In low temperature environment, it will reduce the agent atomization effect, appropriately increase machine preheating time.
  9. After use, be sure to separate butane gas down from fogging machine.
  10. After use, if no use in long time, please separate medicine barrels down from foggy machine.


Tank capacity: 2L
Power source: Butane (220g gas tank)
Smoke agent: 0# diesel oil (for reference)
Mist diameter: ≤30μm
Total weight: 1.8Kg
Dimension: 470x180x360(mm)

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