Evaporative Industrial Air Cooler | Commercial Air Cooler | Home Air Cooler

Sunwins Power supplies best air coolers with latest design and technology throughout Malaysia and South East Asia. Our evaporative air coolers are designed to meet all kinds of cooling needs. Whether you need an outdoor air cooler or indoor air cooler, we can fulfil your air-conditioning requirements.

As the weather in Malaysia is hot and humid all year round, there is a very huge possibility we need a product between fan and air conditioner which is an evaporative air cooler. Our energy saving air coolers are portable, light weight and compact size.

Portable Air Cooler | Air Ventilation System

Portable Air Coolers are suitable to be used in small or crowded and hot places such as school functions, sports event, event hall, offices and exhibition use. These mobile air cooler are feasible to provide appropriate air ventilation system in VIP rooms, stage, warehouse, hotel, restaurant, gyms, mall and indoor stadium.

We are as healthy as we breathe. Our air cooler are specially designed to fulfill the needs of a quite home or bustling factory. High performance and durability is our concern, especially providing air circulation solutions to green room, hospital and etc.

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