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Evaporative air coolers are cooling systems use only water and blower to circulate air. Available Model : SP 168 – White and Brown.
Model : SP 801- Blue

Product Specification :
Fan Type: Axial
Max. Airflow: 8000 m3/h
Noise: 62dBA
Pressure: 80Pa
Power : 380W
Speed: 3
Voltage: 240V / 50Hz
Water Store: 57L
Cover Area: 50-70 m2
Overall Dimension: (800 x 480 x 1380)mm
Net Weight: 31kg
available color – White , Brown. Blue

  1. High quality standard
  2. Highest efficiency natural cooling by water evaporation
  3. Better accessories parts
  4. Unique designed float valve, available water pressure from 0 bar to 5.5 bar
  5. More clean air and healthier

Water proof motor and water pump protection function against low water level.

Air Cooler Evaporation Techniques
Nature’s most efficient means of cooling is through the evaporation of water. Evaporative cooling works on the principle of heat absorption by moisture evaporation. It also happens on human skin, the body sweat to cool temperature down.

Air Cooler Technical
The evaporative air cooler produces effective cooling by combining the natural process water evaporation with a simple, reliable air moving system. Fresh outside air is filtered through the saturated evaporative media, cooled by evaporation, and circulated by a blower.

Advantages of evaporative air cooling
a. Low carbon green product, environmentally friendly, no CFC’S, no damage to the Ozone layer
b. Super energy-saving, only cost 1/10 electricity than air conditioner
c. Less than 1/2 the price of air conditioning
d. Vent cooling, no air re-circulation

It is definitely perfect for outdoor cooling.

Aluminum material cabinet motor, 100% copper wire, Long lifetime water pump, and high quality auto water inlet valve.

The latest air cooler comes with more functions, includes auto swing, remote control, auto timing off and etc. These make things easier to manage.

The machine comes with optional auto clean function, however you need to change water every several hours.



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