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Yanmar developed the world’s first small horizontal water-cooled diesel engine in Dec 23, 1933.

This engine has very simple structure and compact size. It is easy to carry and supplies rugged power for many applications.

TF/TS Series (Max. Output 4.4– 16.9kW)


  • Power application
  • Various type of Yanmar TS series is used to drive Generator set
  • Yanmar TF series with the pump (Agricultural application)
  • Various type of Yanmar TF series is used to drive water pump


Dual balancer system and helical gear.
Noise and vibration reduction.
The noise and vibration reduction are achieved with the application of dual balancer system and the helical gear.

Direct Injection Combustion System
Direct Injection combustion system with the toroidal shaped piston crown deliver spontaneous and bigger power but the fuel still efficient.

Bigger Displacement
Bigger Displacement will deliver bigger power but still fuel efficient


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