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The electric chain hoist line is available in capacities from 1 ton to 10 ton, in three different categories. Our Baby Bear II, a suitcase packaged chain hoist available in ⅛, ¼ and ½ ton capacities, is a 415V/3ph/50hz powered dynamo with built in two speed control- the first speed is adjustable to either 0-5 FPM to 0-10 fpm (depending on capacity); while the second speed is maxed out at 20.5 or 41 fpm- again depending on capacity.

Electric Chain Hoist 160 series

The electric chain hoist 160 series is powered by a 2.4hp motor and is the backbone of our ECH line in the lower capacities. It is available in capacities from ½ to 3 ton in both single (up to 3 Ton capacity) and three phase in all voltages, in both single and two speed hoist and/or trolley with a 3:1 speed ratio.

Electric Chain Hoist 190 series

The electric chain hoist 190 series is powered by a 5 HP motor (x2 in 10 ton and above); it is available in capacities from 2 ton through 30 ton. The 190 electric chain hoist series is designed for those applications requiring a higher speed like a long lift or those requiring a lifting/lowering cycle to be completed within a specific period. They are also available in both single and two speeds (3:1) as well as push, hand geared and motor driven trolley (single and two speed- 3:1).

Both the electric chain hoist 160 and 190 series are also available with an integral motor driven trolley; which provide a much lower headroom profile.


  • Electric Chain Hoist with capacity from 1 ton- 10 ton
  • Single Speed
  • Dual Speed
  • Able to install the trolley, like plain trolley, gear trolley and electric trolley.


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