HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) is the new solution of energy saving to solve the ventilating or cooling problem of large space. Our large energy-saving ceiling fans comes with maximum diameter of 7.2 meters, apply the HLVS principle and advanced technology manufacturing. Our HVLS Fans takes only 1.5 KW or less power to cover area of 1,450 meters square, which equivalent to the effect of 30 small fan. Our HVLS Fans has 10 year’s service life.


HVLS fans are applicable at large industrial workshop, logistics warehouse, shopping, gym, leisure clubs, school hall, large restaurants, sporting venues, villas, government affairs hall, train station, livestock farm, foundry industry, metallurgical industry, product cooling, etc.

Using high quality aluminum magnesium alloy, more than 20 years with corrosion resistance, high strength, high toughness, fatigue resistance,bright surface oxidation treatment,easy to clean. The use of advanced fluid dynamics simulation software CFD modeling and wind tunnel testing ,aerodynamic shape with a unique anti-fatigue lined design.

Mutiple security anti-drop protection ring design of annular fan chain secure connection, which are connected into a whole, guarantee stability of each system connection and prevent blade drop alone. The HVLS Fans can be in a fixed position with 2 pieces wire rope upon the motor frame, 4 pieces wire rope be tensed towards 4 direction below the motor frame, to prevent rotation shaking in large inertia, to guarantee versatility stability and security. Design of annular fan chain around fan blade, which are connected into a whole, guarantee fastness of fan blade as well as drop alone. HVLS Fans uses high strength bolts made of 30CrMnSi material, level 12.9,and using the thread fastening agent, to prevent loosening. Firm electric control system.

HLVS fans can help save costs in many ways. Its low energy consumption powertrain saves you money by being energy-efficient. With its effective air disbursement, HVLS fans are a cost effective and ideal solution for cooling large facilities; as a standalone system or with air conditioning. When used together with an air conditioning system, the fan’s slow and steady airflow can reduce or even completely eliminate the need for costly and inefficient air conditioning ductwork.

IF energy charge for 1 KW/ h is RM 0.435, comparison for energy consumption and cost according to 12000m2 of ware house:

Project Capacity

(84 USRT)

Total Power Expenses per Month

(8 hours X 26 days) = 208 hours

Central air cond 3000kw at 250 w/m3 960KW RM 86,860.00
Industrial Fans 200 sets / 500 watts 100Kw RM 9,048.00
HVLS Fans 8 sets / 1.5 Kw 12 Kw RM 1,085.75

Our industrial HVLS Fans are different from other manufacturers for that double external load bearing designed by ourselves, and extend oriented distance of fan, avoid reducer from axial force, prevent oil spilling and to extend the service life.


The HVLS super large industrial fan runs at a low speed to slowly move a lot of breeze and continuously blow away the moisture from skin ,linear blade blows large airflow towards floor, flow in both sides, resulted in making unique and efficient horizontal airflow, which can blow towards 18 meters at farest from the center of fan, horizontal airflow blow towards to side wall or other large barrier, so refresh the air continuously.


The Installation
A: Installation on H Beam or I Beam structure steel: using pressing plate of 8mm thickness to fix.
B: Fixing on steel concreate beam: using 8 mm stickness 90 degree, using the wearing screw or expansion screw, fixing both right or left.
C: The fixing of grid stucture:using v stucture or semi-circle to hoop bolts tensioned.


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