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HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) is the new solution of energy saving to solve the ventilating or cooling problem of large space. Our large energy-saving ceiling fans comes with maximum diameter of 7.2 meters, apply the HLVS principle and advanced technology manufacturing. Our HVLS Fans takes only 1.5 KW or less power to cover area of 1,450 meters square, which equivalent to the effect of 30 small fan. Our HVLS Fans has 10 year’s service life.

Product Advantages

HVLS fans are applicable at large industrial workshop, logistics warehouse, shopping, gym, leisure clubs, school hall, large restaurants, sporting venues, villas, government affairs hall, train station, livestock farm, foundry industry, metallurgical industry, product cooling, etc.

Technology Principle

The HVLS super large industrial fan runs at a low speed to slowly move a lot of breeze and continuously blow away the moisture from skin ,linear blade blows large airflow towards floor, flow in both sides, resulted in making unique and efficient horizontal airflow, which can blow towards 18 meters at farest from the center of fan, horizontal airflow blow towards to side wall or other large barrier, so refresh the air continuously.

The Installation

A: Installation on H Beam or I Beam structure steel: using pressing plate of 8mm thickness to fix.

B: Fixing on steel concreate beam: using 8 mm stickness 90 degree, using the wearing screw or expansion screw, fixing both right or left.

C: The fixing of grid stucture:using v stucture or semi-circle to hoop bolts tensioned.

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