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TEU mid-sized capacity forklift mainly includes 4.5-5.0T diesel forklift truck and 4.5-5.0T gasoline forklift. It has been proved to be powerful, safe and durable by our customers. Our TEU forklifts use ISUZU engine and excellent hydraulic system. We offer four types of forklifts including FD35T, FD40T, FD45T and FD50T. TEU forklift meets the world’s latest emission control regulations and the load handling interlock system ensures safe operation of the truck.


Middle-Size I Forklift Trucks (4.5-5.0T)

  • The mid-sized capacity forklifts are designed to be comfortable and easily adjusted. This ensures that operators do not experience fatigue or strain during everyday operation.
  • The pressure limiting valve is used for preventing disoperation and reducing damage to the hydraulic system.
  • The driver cab of TEU forklift truck, with skylight design, is spacious and bright, and offers good view and great comfort.
  • The use of detachable rear counterweight not only reduces early wear of tyres, but also allows mid-sized capacity forklifts to serve multiple purposes.
  • The high magnification ratio brake system makes it meet the heavy-duty braking needs.
  • TEU forklift truck works under hydraulic control.

From 2 ton – 10 ton


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