Automatic Egg Incubator AI-520AS

Our incubator is digital, full automatic in egg turning control, temperature, humidity, air and alarm. From minimum 352 – 10,000 eggs. Designed to allow for the best hatching conditions. Can accommodate most poultry species by simply changing egg trays. Offers an accurate digital thermostat with LCD display of Temperature and Humidity. Electronic egg turning control. Power voltage 240VAC, 50HZ easy to use. Full automatically temperature controlling , Full automatically humidity controlling. Full automatically eggs turning , Full automatically alarming, Full automatically cooling and ventilator.

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Technical specifications

Microcomputer Automatic Incubator Cum Hatcher
Total capacity for eggs 520 for eggs of chickens,
black-bone chickens, pigeons, earth chickens, mountain chickens, partridges
378 for eggs of mandarin ducks, turkeys, peacocks, ducks
192 for eggs of middle geese, geese, wide geese
1326 for quail, each kind of bird’s egg
Working voltage 220V
Electric power 200 W
Precision of temperature measurement ≤ ±0.1℃
Size of the equipment 700 x 530 x 1300(mm)


  1. Automatic air cooling system and automatic ventilator.
  2. A small window in the door, you can see the whole hatching process through the it.
  3. High temperature override which disables heater element if temperature spikes.
  4. Egg turning automatically per 1.5 hours, Complete 45 degree turning of eggs in both directions.


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