Kasei Power Sprayer 3WF-2.6

Portable, flexible and efficient machinery for plant protection.
Knapsack Power Sprayer is one kind of portable, flexible and efficient machinery for plant protection. It is mainly used in prevention and cure of diseases and pests of plants such as cotton, rice, wheat, fruit trees, tea trees, banana trees, etc. It can also be used for chemical weeding, epidemic prevention, sanitation protection in cities, vegetable protection, etc.

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Technical specifications

Container capacity (L) 14 / 20 / 26
Net weight (kg) 10.5 / 11.5 / 12.5
Fuel tank capacity (L) 1.3
Range (m) > 12
Fuel type Gasoline / oil Mixture 30:1
Power (kW/r/min) 2.13/7500
Dimension (mm) 540 x 440 x 704


  1. These machine adopts gear structure to decrease speed ,so it is very durable.
  2. The main part is the plunger pump of two directions’ type. The structure is simple and compact, so it is easy for the maintenance.
  3. This machine has high pressure, big flow and good efficiency, so the protection effect is very obvious.
  4. The main spraying parts are three nozzles, which are developed and only adopted by our factory in our country. So the spraying rage is wide.


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