Fine Bubble Twin Membranes Disc Diffuser U330

Disc Diffuser is simple and sturdy. An upward facing convex dish is covered by a plastic membrane which encompasses the rim of the dish and perforated precision “I” slits. The dish is made of ABS, and plastic membrane is made from EPDM. This material is resistant to aggressive chemical attack, weathering and ageing. Thus, our diffuser is resistant to all common wastewater components. The outstanding “Inner Check Valve” design can make sure of non-backflow operation; the pipeline under the diffusers then won’t contain waste water any more

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Technical specifications

Body Material : ABS
Membrane Material : EPDM
Disc Diameter (mm) : 334 (12”)
Operating Flow Range (m³/hr) : 1.0 – 8.0
Size of Bubble (mm) : 1 – 3
Membrane Diameter (Exposed Area) (mm) : 285
Surface Area (m²) : 0.06
Diffuser Density (%) : 2 – 25
Weight (kg) : 1.1
Max air temperature (°C) : 75°C
Pipe Fitting (optional) (inch) : 3” OD x 3/4” PT – Quick Setting


  • Low Operating Cost.
  • Constant Back Pressure.
  • High Oxygen Transfer Rate.
  • Simple Installation Procedure.
  • Extended Lifespan.
  • Reliable Intermittent Aeration Operation.
  • None wastewater backflow operation.



  • Wastewater treatment aeration
  • Oxygenation for Sludge Stabilization
  • Aeration for fish pond
  • Aeration for algae-culture and seaweed
  • Aeration fish breeding pond
  • Agitation for sludge biological treatment
  • Denitrifying Aeration


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