9-19/5A High Pressure Centrifugal Blower

9-19,series high pressure centrifugal ventilator fan usually apply to forge furnace or for the purpose of high pressure forced ventilation, also used to transport material, air and non-corrosion, non-spontaneous and non-sticky material gas. The temperature of the medium is no more than 50ºC normally (The maximum temperature does not exceed 80ºC), dust and hard particle contained is not more than 150mg/m³.

9-19 series centrifugal fan, the general and high-pressure centrifugal fan is widely used in transportation of materials, delivery of air and non-corrosive non-Spontaneous combustion, non-viscous material gases, etc. It has the features of high efficiency, high pressure, easy installation, etc.

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Technical specifications

Power: 7.5kW
Voltage: 415V / 50Hz / 3PH
Speed: 2900rpm
Pressure: 5697-5323Pa
Air flow: 1610-3166m3/h
Size: (730 x 580x 892)mm
Net Weight: 51kg


  1. high efficiency
  2. low noise
  3. high versatility
  4. air-conditioning centrifugal fan


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