Sunwins Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps CDF2212(T)

Service Liquid CDF2202 – 2212
A continuous supply of service liquid, normally water is required by the pump to take away the heat of compression and to maintain the liquid ring as some of the liquid is discharged with the gas through the pump discharge nozzle. The service liquid can be separated from the gas in liquid separator and reuse of the liquid is possible.

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Technical specifications

Motor Power (Kw) : 5.5
Max. Capacity (m3/hr) : 215
Suct./ Dis. (Diameter) : 2″
Service Water  (m3/hr) : 0.5-1.1
Weight  (Kg)   : 122 (200)


These vacuum pumps are single stage liquid ring pumps of mono block construction, designed for continuous operations with the following features:

  • Easy to install
  • Space saving. CDF1202 – 1402
  • High reliability, low maintenance.
  • Non-corrosive gases can be pumped.
  • The gases being pumped can be saturated with vapor.
  • No lubricant in the working space.


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