Mikasa MVH308DSY Reversible Plate Compactor


MVH308DSY (Made in Japan)

Mikasa MVH308DSY is a reversible compactor driven by Yanmar L70 diesel engine.


  • VAS Handle (Patented) : Vibration Absorbing System
  • Forward/Reverse control lever (Patented) : Built in actuator that improves the forward/reverse switch over operation.
  • Cyclone pre cleaner equipped as standard jas 400% superior dust filtering efficiency.


Engine Model Yanmar Diesel L70
Engine Power Max. Output: 4.9kW (6.7PS)
Engine Starting Syetem Electric start
Compacting Board (W x L) 445mm x 860mm
Vibrating Frequency 73Hz / 4400VPM
Centrifugal Force 45kN / 4600kgf
Max. Travelling Speed 0 ~ 24 m/min
Dimensions (L x H x W) 1540mm x 1030mm x 445mm
Weight 345kg