Portable Ventilator Fan SP-40 – 1 Phase

The Portable high-speed ventilator, movable ventilator is blessed with low power consumption, large wind volume, high wind pressure and low noise and so on, moreover it is reasonably structured and conveniently applied. Its surface is clean, bright and durable after advanced spraying process. It has been widely used for ventilation in warehouses, basements, car parks, manhole, tunnels and other places.

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Technical specifications

Impeller Size 16″
Power 1100W
Phase / Pole 1PH / 2P
Frequency 50Hz
Voltage 240V
Speed 2800rpm
Static Pressure 700 Pa
Airflow 105 m3/min
Noise 79(dB[A])
Gross Weight 24 Kg


  • Large capacity motor with E-class, long endurance
  • Specially designed axial propellers
  • High static pressure, high flow rate and excellent strength


Ventilation for mini, underground, drainage workshop, gas exhaust dust blowing, warehouses, basements, car parks, manhole, tunnels and for fresh air and sky dancer.


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