Liquid Range Vacuum Pump Single-Stage SSVM 25-425

SSVM /SSVL Liquid ring vacuum pumps are single stage.

During operation the pump must be supplied continuously with service liquid, normally water, in order to eliminate the heat resulting from the gas compression and to replenish the liquid ring, because part of the liquid is leaving the pump together with the gas. This liquid can be separated from the gas in a liquid separator and reused.

The pumps are equipped with a connection through which the contaminated service liquid can be drained continuously during operation (dirt drain), if necessary.

The direction of rotation is clockwise, when looking from the motor towards pump.



  • Nearly isothermal compression
  • Oil-free, as no lubrication in the working chamber therefore non-polluting
  • Capable of handling of nearly all gasses and vapours
  • Small quantities of entrained liquid can be handled
  • Easy maintenance and reliable operation
  • Low noise and nearly free from vibration
  • Wide choice of materials, therefore applicable nearly everywhere
  • Shaft not in contact with the medium
  • Protection against cavitation as standard
  • Incorporated dirt drain
  • No metallic contact of the rotating parts


Pressure Range 33~1013mbar
Suction Volume 24~470 m3/h
Speed (rpm) 3000/1500(50hz)


Temperature (Max) 200 oC (DD/Gas)

100 oC (Saturated Gas)

Design Standard DIN2501 (PN10)
Shaft Sealing Mechanical Seal


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