Maha 2016

Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agrotourism  MAHA 2016

Be the first to discover the latest market trends, you can find everything about agriculture at MAHA 2016

This is so crazy!  Most of people spent almost whole day visiting the Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture & Agro tourism fair (MAHA 2016) with their family and  friends. They can eat, drink, play, learn, and of course, snap a lot of photos together while having so much fun there.

Happening from 1 to 11 December 2016 at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS), MAHA 2016 is a biennial event to actively promotes agriculture and agro-based industries in Malaysia, showcasing all the different components of this fast-growing industry.

Divided into four zones, visitors can take the tram to few places like Main Exhibition Halls, State Pavilions, Laman Jentera   & Cube, Pineapple Planet, My DOF Valley (Fisheries), Laman Padi BERNAS, Herbs & Vegetables Garden District, Livestock, Machinery, Floriculture, Food Empire, Ecofarm, Rhythm of the Farmers (ROTF @ D’Lereng), Upin & Ipin Kampung Durian Runtuh, Kampung Mak Cun, and so many more!

We are in Main Exhibition Hall in Hall A. Who are together with all the government sector like Jabatan Pertanian , Fama, Mardi, etc . Main Exhibition Halls  you may need  long hours to explore the latest in agriculture technology, agro food and agro-based products and services.

We are truly impressed with MAHA 2016. Filled with showcases and activities that were appealed to those involved in agriculture, business owners and investors as well as the general public, this 11-day event has successfully attracted 3.7 million visitors which exceeded the total amount of 3 million visitors in year 2014.

Looking forward to seen you in Maha 2018

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We Are Participating Maha 2016


As the mainstay of the nation’s food sovereignty and food security, agriculture remains the focal point of government efforts to promote it in communities throughout Malaysia. The 2016 edition of the biennial MAHA 2016 event, that takes place together with The Farmers, Livestock Producers and Fishermen’s Day (HPPNK) programme, actively promotes agriculture and agro-based industries, showcasing all the different components of this fast-growing industry.