IZ Shin IZ 150 AS

Smoke, fog, sprayer ultra particle portable sterilizers

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Technical specifications

Portable Smoke Fog

Power of Operating 18.9kW
Fuel Consumption 1.8 Litre per hour
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.5 Litre
Chemical Tank Capacity 7.0 Litre
Fuel Tank Pressure 0.1kg / cm3
Chemical Tank Pressure 0.3kg / cm3
Dimension (L1200 x W325 x H365)mm
Proper Voltage DC 6V
Weight 8.5kgZ 150 AS
Spouting Chemical Quantity 20liter / h( Max 60 liter /H)
Cooling System Air Cooled
Pouting Particle Size 5- 30 mic


Chemical Tank Diesel + Chemicals ( Ratio 50 : 1 Changeable for Chemicals Kind )
Fuel Tank Gasoline


  1. Double purpose for smoke and fog
  2. Newly made handy product
  3. Available for automatic
  4. Lightness from special Material
  5. Burning Pipe made out of special stainless alloy excels in resisting against heat and erosion.
  6. Our own making engine excels in power
  7. Newly developed our machine proved ultra-particle state through pouting particle size of 10-50 micron (M)
  8. Stainless steel light weight chemical tank


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