Kasei Mist Duster 3WF3A

The model adopts unique structure design, and all the parts contacting medical are made with corrosion resistant reinforced plastics or stainless steel, so you can be at ease use and need not consider solution on the machine corrosion problems and long service life.

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Technical specifications

Maximum power(kw/r/min) 2.13/8000
Dusting the amount of (Powder) (L/min) 0-4
The spraying dosage (Liquid) (kg/min) 0-6
Horizontal range (M) 11
Mating power 1E40FP-3Z
Wind Speed (r/min) 7500-8000
Container capacity(L) 20 or 26
Net weight(k) 11
Package Dimension (mm) 532×452×730
Gasoline And Oil Volume Mixing Ratio30 1
Ignition CDI
Starting method Recoil start
Shutdown method Throttle full-closure


The mouth of the tank is big. Simple and convenient to add the pesticide, even the bag of pesticide can be added directly.
The bottom of the rack has a big size. Low center of gravity position makes it more stable.
The engine use recoil style, simple to use. There are protecting components for the high temperature.
There is rotation structure where the horse and volute connection. Simple to use, and have a long life.
Can be used for kill the pests of the cotton, wheat, rice, and fruit. It also can be used for weeding. It can be used in mountainous areas, hilly areas and scattered land.


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