Pallet Mill PM150A

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The PM series of Plane grinding granule feed machine can process the oil cake and other mixed waste material to granule at one time. And it is columned granule feed and have slippery firm. During the process of producing granule, the temperature can almost reach 70—80 centigrade. The PK series flat die pelleting presses can make facula into paste. The inner granule is cooked and fully penetrating, and is not easy to go moldy and degenerative. Then it can be stored for a long time and improve poultry dainty and assimilation function. It also can shorten the period of feeding, so this flat die pellet mill can efficiently guarantee many users’ productive cost.
The ideal equipment that making feed for chicken , cattle, horse and others poultry and livestock.
The suitable material in widely scope includes : wheat brain, corn peeler, corn flour, soybean meal, oat, grass powder, bone powder, conch powder, fish powder, additive etc.
Pallet size ; from 1 mm , 2mm , 4 mm, 6mm , 10mm
Productivity from 50 Kg to 2ton / hour

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Technical specifications

Power 8 HP – Tokai Diesel Engine
Flat die diameter 150mm
Pellet diameter 4 mm
Optional 1.5 mm, 2mm,6 mm, 8mm, 10 mm
Material Humidity 12%–20%
Capacity 75 -100 kg/h
Dimension 710x 390 x 910mm
Weight 95kg


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