Wood Chipper CPG6- 25 HP

Wood Chipper with Shredder portable type but has the muscle to chip 4″ branches and shred up to half-inch thick yard waste and reduce it to a tenth of its original volume.
Trailer Mounted Wood chipper , with self feeding system,3 Bladed,4”Diameter Capacity, powered by 13HP and 5” Diameter Capacity , Power by 25hp Electric Start Honda gasoline engine, easy discharge hood, 2” Ball Hitch & Safety Chains .
Reversible stationary and rotor knives double time between sharpening.

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Technical specifications

25 HP Honda Engine (GX690)
Discharge hood rotates 360 degrees.
Max chipping diameter: 13cm
Optional parts: no stress control system

Model CPG6 -25HP
Engine Honda GX690
Chip Max Diameter 150mm/ 6”
Chipper Capacity 4-6m3/h
Feeding System 2 Horizontal Hydraulic Rollers
Rotor Plate Size 570x30mm
Rotor Plate Weight 57kg
Rotor Plate Material Steel
NO. of Knives 3 pcs
Packing Dimensions 2100x950x1100mm
Feed Hoper Inner Opening 950x750mm
Discharge Hood Height 2350mm
Rated RPM 2430
Weight 430kg


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