Farmer Trailer

Produced in accordance with national standards, it's suitable for transporting in the farm land, this series trailer is mainly divided into two types: Self-discharging and non-self discharging, and self-discharging type may also consists of two kinds of vehicle types: rear-unloading and the side-unloading.

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Technical specifications

Carriage dimension(mm) 1800*900*320 2000*1000*450
Overall dimension(mm) 2800*1300*1400 3700*1450*1300
Rated load weight(kg) 1000 1500
Net weight(kg) 198 295
Tire 6.00-16 6.50-16
Unload form manual back tipping
Brake form brake by foot
Matched power(HP) 12-18


  1. 600-16 tyre or 650-16 tyre
  2. With rubber seat
  3. side board is 1.6mm
  4. bottom board is 2mm or 3mm
  5. For 10-18hp walking tractor(power tiller)
  6. Loading weight from 1ton to 3ton
  7. Others dimension upon request


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