Power Tiller GN12

Power Tiller is also referred as walking tractor powered by 12 to 18 horse power ( HP ). It is a versatile machine which carries out all the functions of tractor except that the operator has to walk behind the machine. Ideally suited for small farmers with popular usages are wet puddling, dry land cultivation, ridging, water pumping and spraying. It can also be coupled with a trailer that has a capacity of 1.5 tons for transportation.

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Technical specifications

Overall dimensions (L×W×H) 2950×980×1240mm
Wheel tread 570,630,690,750,810mm
Tyres 6.00-12
Ground clearance 210mm
Working weight (with rotary tiller) 480kg
Speed Forward (km/h) 1.41, 2.51, 4.21, 5.22, 9.27, 15.56
Speed Reverse (km/h) 1.12, 4.12
Turning speed low(km/h) 200
Rotary tiller Width 600mm
Rotary tiller (Number of blades) 18pcs

Engine Specification:

Model S195N
Type Single cylinder 4-stroke,horixontal,watercooled,diesel
Cooling mode Condenser (Radiator)
Rated power 9.7kw
Engine Rated speed 2000rpm
Fuel efficiency ≤244.8gl/kw.hr
Net weight 150kg
Main farm implements Anti-skid steel wheel; Double-plough (optional); Trailer(optional)
Packing Case dimensions 116×108×108cm
N.W/G.W. 480/540 kg


Power Tiller has the following equipment attached for your advantage and profits. Ploughed (dry wet) used for alternating of soil at a depth of 12″ by interchangeable double plough.

  • Tiller: Used for pulverizing of soil both in dry wet land by means of straight and bend dynes attached to the rotary.
  • Ridges: Used for making dyke in the field after cultivation for vegetables or orchards.
  • Ditcher: Used for making narrow drain in the field after cultivation.
  • Leveller: Leveller is attached to it for covering the soil.
  • Seed Driller: Used for sowing seeds with manure.


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