Mini Tiller

Durable, lightweight and easy to use. Great for gardening and small jobs.
This series power tiller can be equipped with lamp, water pump, ridge, sprayer, trailer, furrow plough, seeder, fertilizer distributor  etc. Well perform between mountain and hilly farmland, dry and paddy field, orchard, vegetable greenhouse, potato land, corn land and coco land, sand land etc.

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Technical specifications

It is the perfect tool for pre-planting ground preparation, as well as many other tasks during the gardening season, such as cultivating between garden rows. With a heavy-duty gearbox, fingertip throttle control and a clutch handle, it provides a consistent transmission of power to tines under varying soil conditions.
6.5HP 196cc 4-stroke agriculture cultivator mini Gasoline power rotary Tiller

Engine HP 6.5 HP
Nominal Power 4.1kW
Nominal Speed 3600r/min
Method of starting Recoil Start
Driving model Belt
Tilling width X depth 75cm X ≥ 10cm
Working Speed 0.1 – 0.3m/s
Transmission with gear in oil bath
Body size 1500 x 850 x 1050mm
Gross weight 72.5kg


  1. 6.5hp vertical type gasoline engine is little to control.
  2. Better small machine could be guarantee the farm worker in some time.
  3. Its advantage is fit for old man, woman to finish tilling fields.
  4. Special diesel engine must need special transmission to match each the gearbox of tiller is our patent solely.
  5. Two wheels tractors be supplied from 4.85KW ( 6hp)
  6. Features: Compact, Agile, Light, Reliable, Convenience,High Quality.
  7. Suitable for paddy fields, upland plains, mountain and hilly areas and for plough, rotary tillage ,sow, threshing ,suction and so on.
  8. Equipped with lightning’s for driving at night.
  9. Can be used as a stationary power source for drainage and irrigation.
  10. With quick coupling ,easy to change farming implements. Cultivator, mower, trailer, water pump, power tiller, snow blower ,rotary plough ,etc.


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