Heavy Duty Centrifugal Blower E9TD

HD E series of centrifugal  blowers that are driven by single-phase capacitance driving motor; HD E series are driven by three-phase AC asynchronous motor. They can produce large air volume with high Wind Pressure, save energy, temperature shortly-increased, beautiful appearance and so on are their features.

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Technical specifications

Specification: 4 “
Specification: 95mm
Power: 1100W
Phase: Three
Voltage: 415V / 50Hz
Wind Pressure: 2300 Pa
Blow rate: 21.6 m3/min
Rotation Speed: 2800rpm


  • Light weight high pressure big volume low noise
  • Cast Iron material, greatly weight, achieve the goal of light weight
  • Design motor for I.E.C , full close outer fan type aluminum frame, motor axis of special design, can be suitable for long time use.
  • Special blade design, high pressure, big air volume, low noise, long service life
  • Special air damper, air volume control stability is high, easy to operate



  1. Printing Machines
  2. Burning Machines
  3. Plastic Extruders, Laminating, Film Making Machines
  4. Uniform Temperature Equipment
  5. Household Machines
  6. Dust Collectors
  7. Textile Machines
  8. Pollution Machines
  9. Hot Air Blowers
  10. Dryers Machines
  11. Incinerators
  12. Machinery for the Food and Beverage Industries
  13. Machinery for Cooling
  14. Woodworking Machines
  15. Grain Elevators


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