Axial Flow Fan DF5G-4

The Axial Flow Fan have been specially designed for installation within ducted ventilation systems where the fan is supported on both sides. The robust construction features enable the Axial flow Fans to be used for a wide variety of ducted ventilation applications including:

  • Commercial and industrial premises for generating ventilation system
  • Warehouse storage ventilation system
  • Public buildings and Garage
  • Special ventilation applications – smoke extract and others purpose
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Technical specifications

Power 0.75 kW
Speed 1420 rpm
Voltage  240V / 1 Phase / 50 Hz
Wheel dia. 500mm
Pressure 196Pa
Air Volume 9300m3/h
Noise /dB(A) 74
Weight 28kg


  • Round cylinder casing with axial type fan blades. The unit is designed to operate in the range of moderate static pressures, and large volumes of air
  • These fans are normally with short or long casing.
  • The motor leads (protected by a flexible conduit) are taken to a weather-proof terminal box which is welded to the fan casing.
  •  Axial fans are designed for a wide range of industrial and commercial ventilation applications. The axial fans are constructed in impeller diameters with air volume ranging from 1600 m3/h to 9300 m3/h
  • These fans are light and robust in construction with an efficient balance between electrical consumption and performance. The fans are engineered to a high standard and are suitable for a wide range of applications.


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