Potenza HVLS Commercial Fan

HVLS – Warranty

  • 10 Years Fan Motor
  • 5 Years Fan Component
  • 3 Years Control Speed Module
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Potenza HVLS Commercial Fan

  • Potenza HVLS Fan is the latest innovation in the industrial fan market
  • High volume low speed technology
  • Cover a wide area up to 24ft, ensuring optimal air circulation throughout your space
  • Energy Saving feature helps you save on electricity bills, while providing a cooler environment with its natural breeze feature
  • Ultra silence technology complements its premium quality
  • Potenza HVLS Fan for a modern and efficient cooling solution


Wide Coverage Area

  • That resembles natural breeze which can decrease temperature by 4-8°C depending on site.

Ultra Silent

  • Blade design and motor adopted with latest technology that creates minimal noise.



  • Fan Diameter : 8 – 12ft
  • 6 Airfoil Blades
  • Rating IP65



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