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5 Things You Never Know About HVLS Fan

If you want to provide a long lasting solution for the cooling and heating solution of your factory, HVLS fan (high volume low speed fan) should be considered. These fans help greatly in reducing and stabilizing work environment temperatures and therefore produce a corresponding productivity for the human resources in workplace.

If you are still in doubt about how powerful these fans, please keep on reading this article.

1. Do you know the effect of HVLS Fan on HVAC Systems in your industry?
A HVLS (high volume, low speed) fan helps to improve the productivity and functioning of HVAC systems. In hot seasons, it enables the free flow of air around the workplace and promotes cooling. It helps in redistributing hot air that flow into the ceiling to where they are needed in the factory. This is the main reason why it is widely used in places where there are no central cooling systems. HVLS fan is dynamic in action, that in cold season its fans run in reverse direction to disperse heat stocked up in the ceiling and so improve airflow in the cold seasons.

2. Reduction in energy cost.
It operates at low speeds; it utilizes a very little power compared to other type of industrial fans and air conditioning system. It can be powered with the amount of power needed to light up three light bulbs. It saves a lots energy.

3. Do you know HVLS (high volume low speed) fan move 11355 cubic meter of air in a minute?
You can’t compare this fan with your industrial fan or air conditioning system. It comes with blades shaped like airfoil that move air down from the ceiling to the floor and then circulate it to other areas before the air rises again and pushed down again. Heat is therefore circulated in cold seasons and cooling effect is better in hot periods.

4. HVLS fan reduces cooling costs.
It transports large amount of air to produce a cooling effect of 6 to 8 degrees cooler. And it moves air at 3 to 5 miles per hour. Even if you have cooling systems, they will not work at optimum rates because they won’t have much impact due to the cooling effect of the fan or air conditioning system.

5. Do you know HVLS (high volume low speed) fan much quitter then others fan?
Compared to others type of industrial fans or air conditioning system, HVLS fan is much more conducive for a quieter work environment. Commercial HVLS ceiling fans start off powerfully and smoothly and it continues to operate in quiet manner. Air conditioning system produces some noise when start and during air pushes through vents (at random). This creates a less desirable working environment. For other industrial fans, a higher speed of rpm will produces whining sound and causing pressure to the environment.

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