Rotary Piston Type Oil Less Vacuum Pump DP-120V

DP series is rotary piston type of oil-less vacuum pump and is designed for Semiconductor, Automation, Packing and Beauty industries. This series also can work as compressor up to a max pressure of 0.6 bar.

The full series of our products supports wide range of applications in automatic facilities, industrial machinery, laboratory equipment, optoelectronic semiconductor and pharmaceutical.

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Technical specifications

Frequency (Hz):  50
Air Capacity (L/min): 105
Ultimate Pressure (Torr): 60
Pole: 4
Phase: 1
Voltage (Volt): 240
Power (Watt): 300W
Noise Level (dB): 58
Ambient Temp. (℃): 7~40℃


  1. More compact and smaller
  2. Low noise and vibration
  3. More efficient cooling system
  4. Maintenance-free
  5. Longer running life
  6. Completely oil-less
  7. Earth-friendly Products


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