Vacutronic Oil Less Vacuum Pump RV-25V

RV series is rotary vane type of oil-less vacuum pump and is designed for Semiconductor, Automation, Packing and Beauty industries. The Vacutronics “RV” model vacuum pump is a Rotary vane  pump and also requires no lubrication flow through the pump during operation.

Our RV-Series pumps feature continuous duty operation , quiet,  low maintenance ,completely oil-less.

Applications include the Semiconductor and Automation Industry, as well disposal to address OEM and ODM inquiries and requests your OEM and ODM inquiries and requests

The full series of our products supports wide range of applications in automatic facilities, industrial machinery, laboratory equipment, optoelectronic semiconductor and pharmaceutical.

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Technical specifications

Air Capacity : 400 L /min
Ultimate Pressure : 110 Torr
Ultimate Pressure : 14.7 Kpa
Vacuum Pressure : 310 Torr
Vacuum Pressure : 41.3Kpa
Phase : 3PH / 4P
Voltage : 415V/50Hz
Power : 750W
Noise Level : 64 dB
Ambient Temp : 7 – 40 ° C


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