Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to use with OneTouch™ button to activates all scrubbing functions (SC530)
  • Traction version available (SC530)
  • Tilting recovery tank for easy access to batteries and chemicals
  • Ergonomic pedal to easily lift and lower the deck
  • Easy click-on and off system releases the brush/ pad effortlessly
  • Excellent water pick-up

SC430 Technical Specification

Technical Data SC430
Rated power  (W) 900
Sound pressure level          (dB(A)) 70
Productivity   rate theoretical/  actual (m2/h) 2120/1272
Scrubbing    width (mm) 530
Squeegee     width (mm) 760
Solution/ recovery        tank (l) 40/40
Brush motor power (W) 560
Brush/pad diameter      (mm) 530/508
Brush pressure (kg) 35
Brush speed (rpm) 150
Length x width   x height       (mm) 1140x550x1100
Weight (kg) 135



SC530 BD Technical Specification

Technical Data SC530 BD
Rated power  (W) 800
Sound pressure level         (dB(A)) 69
Productivity rate theoretical/  actual         (m2/h) 2385/1431
Scrubbing    width (mm) 530
Squeegee     width (mm) 760
Solution/  recovery        tank (l) 61/61
Brush motor power (W) 450
Brush/pad diameter      (mm) 530/508
Brush      pressure (kg) 23
Brush speed (rpm) 150
Length x width   x height (mm) 1260x550x1080
Weight (kg) 97