Nichino Cultivator 850-S

The function of 850S Type cultivator is bed forming (hilling up), cultivating , furrowing , loosening , weeding , trenching and special for dry crops plantation (vegetable , fruit , orchard , potato , tobacco , corn , sugar cane , banana , flower …etc ) , is suitable using in farmland , flat & hilly & narrow land , greenhouse , deep or shallow cultivating , U or V-shape hilling up . May defer to the customer cultivation work demand to make the revision for the machine.

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Technical specifications


  1. 3 types of clutch lever for choosing : (a) CE type lever (safety mode) , (b) Push type lever (c) Hand-Press type lever
  2. The 6-rotary tillage blade is adjustable .Depend on the width of the cultivating ,can change to 4-rotary or 8-rotary tillage blade .
  3. According to farming needs to adjust the guide wheel height , to do the deep & shallow tillage
  4. To add the ground-breaking blade for cultivating the hard land (black soil).
  5. Handle adjustment : 5-section orientation height adjustment . Depend on operator’s working demand to adjust the height of the handle.
  6. The handle base can rotate within 340゚and set at 22 position. Depend on the topography conditions , it may adjust to any degree for operating .
  7. Can fit with the Two-side plow to do the V-shape hilling up and fit the side hilling up blade to do the side hilling up.
  8. Light weight , easy to work and turnaround in the field.
  9. Ergonomic design to improve the comfort of operation , reduce operator fatigue.
  10. Using the Japanese engine, heavy duty and use for long time.



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